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I proudly recommend SDBJJ and Sensei Paulo Augusto.

I first met Sensei Paulo Augusto more than 20 years ago and became his mentor and friend. Besides being an outstanding International competitor his mission was to build a Dojo that was a lighthouse of martial arts that would shine brightly enhancing the lives of his students.

He built SDBJJ under the premise to create a safe place that builds confidence, instills discipline and grows self esteem for all students.

The aim is to help students especially the young become dedicate and responsible adults. To judge success talk to the hundreds of students that calls this dojo home. I am amazed at the smiling faces and how hard the students work to achieve their goals under the direction of the highly train staff. The instructors carefully guide the students using many motivating steps that allow students to strive and excel. If you just compare the advance teaching methods they use you will see why this dojo is so highly recommended and successful.

Whatever you are looking for be it, self defense, exercise and conditioning, building confidence, learning discipline, be better at school, concentrate more, becoming more goal orientated or more focused this is the place of learning.

Looking for a place that can mentor you or your children, everyone says “You will find it at SDBJJ”. Starting with the coaches many trained personally by the head instructor and owner Sensei Paulo Augusto and spreading over the more than 30 certified Black Belts ranging from first to ninth degree you will always find the best of everything for the students. Sensei Paulo as he is known holds a six Dan in Judo and BJJ and he is highly qualified and beloved by all his students.

You will find the highest level of quality and education in the largest dojo in Southern California.

SDBJJ “The dojo that makes a difference”.

-Walter Dean
9th Degree Black Belt Judo,
6th Degree Japanese Jujitsu

I’m returning to the sport after being out for a while, and this place is great. I started out in another gym, but it was no where near as professional as this one. The owner, Paolo, gets personal with everyone there, and you can tell his has tons of experience as a teacher. I will definitely recommend this place.
-Christian Q.

I’ve checked out a lot of BJJ gyms and this is, hands down, the cleanest, the biggest, and the most organized gym I’ve been to. I always have fun here. Paulo is an outstanding teacher and individual. The same goes for all the teachers and students that attend. Give this gym a shot!
-Anne J.

What started with my son has expanded to our family training here. Kind, knowledgeable instructors who teach with intensity but not violence. This a great place to make friends and get exercise. An even better place to train Jiu Jitsu.
-Reggie B.

I come here for the boxing and muay thai classes and occassionally the fitness classes. Ive been working with Jesus since April of 2015 and it has been a great learning experience. I admire his philosophy of fighting. He’s passionate about fighting and those who he works with. He takes his time explaining the benefits of movements and technique. He’s not the type of person who tells you what to do without any explanation to why you are doing it. I would highly recommend this gym. Doesn’t matter how much experience you have he is always willing to work with anyone who is motivated, driven, and willing to participate.
-Miron F.

SDBJJ is beyond expectations! I had contacted a few martial arts studios in the area and then called SDBJJ after hours on a Saturday afternoon and Sensei Paulo answered the phone and spent 20 minutes answering all my questions and giving great feedback on martial arts in general.  We decided to enroll our 3 year old. He is taking Judo and Jujitsu and he loves it. He is learning to be more disciplined and having fun. Classes are full of high fives and smiles. All the instructors are excellent and our son especially likes being able to not only practice in his own age group but exercise and practice with the older kids. The studio is huge and they have  a family lounge upstairs to watch all the action.
-Chet A.

I have been training here for over a year and I still love it. I have trained at other schools but this one has the best sense of camaraderie between students and the teacher. They have many different classes and lots of times to go so it can fit your busy schedule. I came here with no experience but with the help of the teacher and all the students I picked it up quick. I checked out a few schools around north county even did there free intro classes but without a doubt I am very happy I chose San Diego Brazilian Jiu Jitsu.
-Joe C.

Just took my first day here. I used to train at a very reputable gym down in Miramar, but I live in Escondido and the commute there was an issue I would like to avoid. I used to train 2 years ago but am very picky on where I’m going to invest my time, health, and money into a gym membership. For the past 3 weeks I have been taking free trial classes all over San Diego county. Mostly NORTH San Diego County. Now let me tell you, ALL the decent gyms are down in San Diego. In North County there are literally none. There was one gym in Oceanside that I liked but again, I wanted to avoid a long commute. San Diego Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu & Mixed Martial Arts to me, is THE ONLY amazing gym in Northeast San Diego County, maybe even in the entire north county. I have been looking for an emphasis on technique for Muay Thai, Jiu-Jitsu, and Judo. A lot of other gyms will focus more on “fitness”. The programs incorporate both. Exactly what I wanted. If I wanted to go to a gym that focuses on fitness, I might as well go to a generic LA Fitness or 24 hour gym. Now let’s discuss my first day here. It is located in San Marcos which is a relatively safe city. I walked in to a beautifully spacious establishment and most of all….SANITARY AND CLEAN. I walked down to the morning Muay Thai class and was invited by friendly students and most of all a friendly coach. The students and coach automatically pushed me and motivated me to the point where I automatically felt the family oriented vibes the gym emits. We warmed up, and being out of shape for 2 years, they kept pushing me with positive remarks. After we started to work on technique and Jesus, the coach, was thorough and very hands on working with us. When class was done, it ended with positivity and embedded an amazing first impression into my brain. I knew that this gym was the one. The owner, is big time. He is highly certified and has so much experience under his belt for Judo and BJJ that it’s overwhelming. He still competes to! The gym has been one of the most longest standing gyms in San Diego. They’re doing something right. I initially came for the Muay Thai classes but it looks like I will be committing to Jiu-Jitsu and Judo just as much as my love for striking. If you are a picky student looking for technique and fitness. Your gym is here.
-Giovanni E.

SDBJJ school is awesome! Have been going here for a month now and have learned a TON. The instructors are patient and always willing to spend extra time if there’s any need for clarification. Sensei Paulo, Adam, Chris, Jesus all do excellent jobs in teaching and are all down to earth guys. The facility is super clean, a huge surface area for classes, at least 10 punching bags, and all. The exercise is great, from drilling to sparring (rolling) I always get a good workout. The techniques taught are vital!! I never knew how vulnerable I was before taking this class but now I am glad to be learning self defense and be involved with a cool art/sport, on top of that have a great supportive team!
-Khoi P.