USBJJA Membership Requirements

    • Must be a martial art school owner (any discipline)
    • Pay USBJJA registration and monthly fee
    • Must have attained at least a blue belt in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu (“BJJ”) from a reputable and verifiable BJJ 3rd degree black belt or above

(If you do not hold the rank of blue belt or are new to BJJ, you must schedule a seminar with Master Paulo Fernando who will teach you the techniques, test and certify you as a blue belt and associate instructor. If you are already a blue belt or higher rank in BJJ, Master Paulo Fernando will train you to the next level.)

  • Follow the USBJJA student training curriculum and belt system
  • All instructors and students must wear official USBJJA uniform and patch
  • Schedule at least one seminar per year with Master Paulo Fernando for continued training and guidance
  • Abide by the Rules of Etiquette and By-Laws set forth by the USBJJA