Martial Arts Studio

The San Diego Brazilian JiuJitsu Academy and Mixed Martial Arts in Escondido/San Marcos offers a range of disciplines, with training areas in a clean and spacious 10,000 square foot Escondido/San Marcos Martial Arts studio. We have the largest and most modern premiere Mixed Martial Arts, Brazilian JiuJitsu, Judo, NoGi, Boxing and Muay Thai studio in San Diego County, California, with a 4,000 square foot beautiful spring loaded floor system with 6 official sparring areas, 18×18 Octagon, 20×20 Boxing ring, a bag rack with 20 diversified punching and kicking bags, a large pro shop to the students so they can buy the proper gear and equipment for training and last but not least dressing rooms and bathrooms for Men, Boys, Women and Girls.

Whether you're a novice or a seasoned veteran this gym is a warm and welcoming place where you are family.

Angel Chapman

I am so happy to have found a positive and inspiring school where I constantly learn and improve my jiu jitsu game as well as my life.

Steve Post

From the opinion of a person new to BJJ, this school has everything needed in order to train. There is a flexible schedule with morning, afternoon, and evening classes.

Richard Curtis

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