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Fit Kids Incorporates Fun & Rewarding Training Sessions

The Fit Kids program is functional fitness created especially for our students. Kids fitness workouts include calisthenics such as speed & agility drills, jump squats, burpees, push-ups, and core strengthening. This class is guaranteed to improve your child’s overall strength, core, balance, and speed.

Fit Kids Program Schedule

Everyone benefits from regular exercise. Kids who are active will:

  • have strong bones and muscles
  • reduce excess body fat
  • lower their risk of type 2 diabetes
  • possibly lower blood pressure and blood cholesterol levels
  • have a better outlook on life

Besides enjoying the above health benefits, kids who are getting regular exercise tend to sleep well and are able to better handle physical and emotional challenges — from running to catch a bus to studying for a test. Don’t wait! Check the schedule above for a kids fitness class time that works for your family.

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Some Alarming Statistics

The percentage of overweight and obese kids has more than doubled in the past 3 decades. There can be many different factors contributing to this epidemic, but for the most part, children are becoming more sedentary. In other words, they’re sitting around a lot more than they used to!

According to the Kaiser Foundation, 8- to 18-year-olds watch approximately 4.5 hours of TV a day. And the average kid spends 7 hours each day on all screen media combined (TV, videos, computer, and video games).

One of the best things you can do for your kids is to be active with them and to limit the amount of time spent in sedentary activities, especially watching TV or playing video games.

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Whether you're a novice or a seasoned veteran this gym is a warm and welcoming place where you are family.

Angel Chapman

I am so happy to have found a positive and inspiring school where I constantly learn and improve my jiu jitsu game as well as my life.

Steve Post

From the opinion of a person new to BJJ, this school has everything needed in order to train. There is a flexible schedule with morning, afternoon, and evening classes.

Richard Curtis

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